Testing indirect eval call

"outer" means indirect eval code executes code in global scope, "inner" — in local.

As per ES5, indirect eval call should execute code in global scope. As per ES3, indirect eval call is allowed to result in an error (which is what Opera 9.27, and probably earlier, does), but other than that should evaluate code in local scope.

Op 8.54error
Op 9.27error
Op 9.50outer
Op 9.64outer
Op 10.10outer
Op 11outer
FF 1.5outer
FF 2.0outer
FF 3.0outer
FF 3.6outer
FF 4outer
Saf 2.0inner
Saf 3.2inner
Saf 4outer
Saf 5outer
IE 6inner
IE 7inner
IE 8inner
IE 9outer
Chrome 5outer
Chrome 9outer
Konqueror 4.3inner
Result in this browser: